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Mojo is big and getting bigger. It is moving faster than expected. Pay attention or be left behind.

Glen is the inspriation and prime mover of the Mojocon.

Every year, mobile journalism (mojo) moves higher up the agenda for Thomson Foundation’s training priorities.

Source: He’s got mojo | Interview with Glen Mulcahy | Thomson Foundation

Peter Wiggins: “The Future of Newsgathering Is MoJo With City Producer”

Peter Wiggins, the broadcast freelance editor based in the UK is one of the world’s most known experts in all things Final Cut Pro X. This article discusses the integration between City Producer and Apple’s FCP X.

Technology is moving fast, so fast that a French company has built a complete ‘shoot, edit and send’ newsgathering app for the iPhone. Send the finished story from location, or send the bits back to base to open up in FCPX for finishing.

Source: The Future of Newsgathering Is MoJo With City Producer

The winner of The Premiolino, Italy’s oldest and most prestigious journalism award, tells us why every reporter should learn mojo skills

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This is a great line: “…we need to re-invent ourselves and find new ways to produce news and deliver it to the public in a different way. The smartphones in our pockets are not just a shooting and editing device, they are a method of delivery – allowing us to reach our target audience on the platforms they’re using.”

Read more here:

Source: ‘It’s about being ready if something happens in front of your eyes’ – Q&A with mobile journalist Nico Piro | Media news

 An indispensable White Paper on mobile journalism by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism 

Comprehensive, thorough – a must read for anyone interested in the field.

In the past 10 years, mobile journalism has spread quickly around the world. In this research paper, Closer to the Story? Accessibility and mobile journalism, Finnish journalist Panu Karhunen investigates how mobile journalism affects accessibility. Can journalists get closer to the story and subject by utilising mobile journalism?

Source: Closer to the Story: Accessibility and Mobile Journalism | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Two BBC journalists are proving that MoJo is happening and happening now.

Why does it always seem that the advancements in technology are happening faster overseas than in the USA? Because they are. Another article on mobile journalism from the BBC.

“I wanted to prove that it could be done, and Joe wanted to learn mobile journalism (mojo) skills. As part of his career development, he wanted to be on top of all these things.”


Source: How two BBC journalists filmed a news package for television with a smartphone | Media news

How mobile and OTT video is transforming the broadcasting industry (Reality Check) – RCR Wireless News

Interesting perspective on the importance of high-speed wireless for mobile, i.e. mobile journalism.  It is the one of the fastest growing segments of the media market. This is yet another reason why City Producer is so well positioned. It makes use of the most advanced technolology available and does so in an efficient and elegant way.

5G will give everyone the ability to deliver video content anywhere, on a level playing field, making our world hyper competitive and highly opportunistic.

Source: How mobile and OTT video is transforming the broadcasting industry (Reality Check) – RCR Wireless News

So fast – Mobile Journalism Blog

Here is a very good Blog that readers of my Blog might be interested in. Although the Blogger is in Europe, what he is saying applies just as well to the USA. (It does seem that the Europeans are in front of the curve.)

One of the great things about mobile journalism is that everything is evolving so freakin’ fast. A year ago you could choose between a couple of professional iPhone grips. Today there are so many I can’t count. A year ago, there was no professional multitrack iPhone video editor available. Today there are two: LumaFusion and…

Source: So fast – Mobile Journalism Blog

Osmo Mobile

Robb Montgomery posted this video about the Osmo Mobile on his YouTube page.  I have one of these and think it is one of the best investments I have made (next to Apple stock.) Once you shoot using it, if you are forced by circumstances to go without it, you instantly regret it.  Enjoy!

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