Research: Do Mobile Journalists Get More Interviews? – European Journalism Observatory – EJO

There is more and more research being done about the use of the mobile phone versus tablets versus cameras – and what is becoming clear is that the less obtrusive the device, the more open people are to participating in interviews. I’ll put it another way – every single piece of information I have read recently clearly indicates that the real reason for the preference for mobile phones is because they get the job done where another device might not. Of course, the next step in “getting the job done” is the quick turnaround. In both areas – the ease of use of the camera and the quick editing that City-Producer makes possible, makes it the ultimate solution.

New research suggests that mobile journalism can be a much more efficient method of interviewing people than traditional TV journalism.

Source: Research: Do Mobile Journalists Get More Interviews? – European Journalism Observatory – EJO

Samson Go Mic Mobile Professional Wireless System for Mobile Video | Samson Technologies

Looks pretty interesting >

The new wireless system turns a phone into a pro-level video camera capable of capturing high definition audio anywhere, making it the ideal mobile mic for filmmaking, podcasting, vlogging, live streaming and YouTube production.


Source: PRESS RELEASE (NOW AVAILABLE): Samson Go Mic Mobile Professional Wireless System for Mobile Video | Samson Technologies

How to be a Succesful Entrepreneurial Journalist – Virginia Rodriguez

Interesting read – and further demonstrates how things will never be the same.

“With the evolution of technology and media, there are a million new ways to create and share content. As he says, this opens doors to create content faster and easier. Before having a computer it was really hard for me to develop ideas. But now that I do, I just have to think of something and start typing.”

Source: How to be a Succesful Entrepreneurial Journalist – Virginia Rodriguez

The Small Business Benefits of Using Live Video (INFOGRAPHIC)

Extremely important article. I’d like to stress that live video alone is not the key. Streaming live and being able to mix live and pre-recorded, pre-edited video, like you can do with City-Producer, is the game changer.

“without the right video, reaching and engaging with your audience will prove difficult if not impossible.”

Source: The Small Business Benefits of Using Live Video (INFOGRAPHIC)

Digital video viewing rises across the board | Media Analysis | Business

“Short-form video clips from TV programmes, news segments, user-generated content and music videos are gaining popularity among all ages, especially teens and millennials. Why? Short-form connoisseurs say they see new, better content and friends sharing video more on social networks.”

Source: Digital video viewing rises across the board | Media Analysis | Business

City-Producer in Public Education Environments

There are a variety of areas where one would use City-Producer in a public education environment. Every single one of them justifies the expenditure.

The most obvious is in the classroom. Since City-Producer is a professional application for mobile journalism, students will immediately perceive how different an integrated app built for broadcast television differs from using several standalone applications that, when used together, still only achieve mediocre results.

For example:

The student uses the City-Producer professional camera to capture video segments for use in a “news report.” These clips are captured to a single project pertaining to the subject matter. More material that has been previously recorded can be merged with the newly captured footage for use in the same project. The assorted material can be prioritized, e.g. interviews first, then various shots of documentary. The clips are added to video timelines and trimmed in position. Audio is added and edited, e.g. interview dialog can be identified and automatically mixed, voice-overs can be precisely positioned, titles can be added for talent and / or station identification. The entire production can be immediately prepared for and transmitted using the built-in Internet connectivity.

And all of this happens within a single application.

But just because everything is available in one single app, it does not mean that any capabilities are less than broadcast quality. For example, the camera is capable of numerous adjustments so that the more experienced operator can refine the capture to precise individualized settings – or can set all of the adjustments to automatic to be able to concentrate on the content. Audio settings can be finely tuned and can be adjusted by frame.

City-Producer has an educational program available that provides schools that use City-Producer to teach mobile journalism an opportunity to receive ten demo licenses for every full featured full license at the standard price. Note that demo licenses are not fully featured; they do not allow uploading to the Internet and they overlay the City-Producer logo in the upper left corner of the output. But they are a valuable tool in mastering the capture and editing functions of the application.

Can all of the above mentioned be done using separate apps? Sure. Cheaper? You do get what you pay for. Most importantly, the problem is that that students remain unfamiliar with the requirements of a professional news organization. Instead of learning how important it is to work so that their created content can be used not just by themselves but by others in divers scenarios, they have to “experiment” to see which app may do what they want to achieve and which settings or secondary applications might work to complete their task.

I have heard it said that the final work will be done after they transfer the material to their computer for finishing. Sure – and my response to that is – well, we do the same – and we use a Lightning cable for a direct connection to Final Cut Pro X that not only transfers the original footage but copies over all of the video and audio edits as well. But … you don’t need to. City-Producer was designed so that the mobile journalist in the field can, within minutes, file his reporting.

Outside the classroom learning environment, City-Producer becomes even more useful.

Refer back to the above mentioned classroom “news report,” and imagine these scenarios:

A school awards ceremony that combines real-time live video with pre-recorded, edited reference video all streamed to the Internet during the ceremony.

A local board of education meeting, captured, edited and shared online – all before the meeting attendees have left the parking lot and arrived home.

An online school video yearbook – created in much the same way a traditional yearbook is created but with the added feature that everything is done in house, by students and staff, using a shared resource (Dropbox) so that every aspect of the final product can be monitored for content and quality.

So when the question is posed, is City-Producer a viable product for public education, the answer is yes – in many, many ways.