City-Producer does that too!

Here is yet another super example of City-Producer in action, this time a French TV station where the reporter is doing a voice over using the app. It’s in French, but knowledge of French is not necessary to appreciate how proficient the user is after just a short time using City-Producer.

City-Producer is everything that one needs to produce content for professional broadcast, in this case, a TV station, or social media. It is the only workflow that is comprehensive and integrated.

Stop forcing yourself to learn 10 different applications that one can do – and can do better than all the rest combined.

Are Smartphones the Future of TV News?

A two part article in TV Technology (from New Bay Media)  by Lynn Kenneth Packer.   If you have ever asked yourself why the switch to mobile journalism using smartphones is the surest thing on the planet, read these to confirm your thinking. Below each part are a few pertinent quotes.

Part I

Broadcasters are burdened with expensive electronic news gathering technology—camcorders, edit bays and live trucks; with inefficient workflows and with the nearly obsolete, linear news show format.

News outlets could afford to hire more reporters, give more raises and get by with less ad revenue if video production costs were substantially reduced. Cheaper, faster and better video news production, by itself, won’t guarantee online financial success or reverse the journalism quality freefall.

Part II

Part of Mulcahy’s frustration is because broadcast television executives are thumb-twiddling during the impending 5G digital tsunami, oblivious to the oncoming potential carnage. Like deer, paralyzed, caught in the headlights.

There is mention of an Indian TV station that went all in All-In on Smartphone Newsgathering written by the same author here.


Source: Are Smartphones the Future of TV News?

City-Producer in Action

City-Producer was released in September in Europe and in October in the Americas. Already, City-Producer is being used for in-field mobile journalism.

Below is a series of Tweets from OUEBTV in Guyana. The original Tweets are posted in French with the French, translated into English, by Bing.

What stands out is that the action shots are all shot using City-Producer’s built in camera stabilization. The reporter is not using a Gimbal, a grip or any other kit. The quality is astounding.

If you are familiar with City-Producer you will note that the graphics are all ARGB titles that were created external to City-Producer but are overlaid live while output. Note too that the videos were streamed live using City-Producer.

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City-Producer will export an FCPXML that can be opened directly inside FCP X as an event. If the user is not using FCP but Premiere, the XML first needs to be converted. There is an app available in the App Store that will do that. It is available from a company named intelligent assistance.

The images below are screenshots from their Website and the App Store.

When desperation leads to innovation — embracing mobile journalism

CBC is one of the first news organization in the world to embrace mobile journalism. I went to a MoJo conference earlier this year and talked to people from other organizations, such as the BBC and RTÉ. I learned that in addition to being early adopters, the CBC produces industry-leading MoJo content today.

Source: When desperation leads to innovation — embracing mobile journalism

iPhone X Vs $3000 Panasonic GH5 Professional Mirrorless Camera [Video Comparison] | Redmond Pie

“the conclusion has to be that the iPhone X is more than a capable shooter, and with Apple keen to continue its “Shot on iPhone” campaign, it is good to know that the pros do not find any glaring issues with its performance.Check out the full iPhone X Vs $3000 Panasonic GH5 professional mirrorless camera video quality comparison.”

My iPhone X should arrive next week !

Source: iPhone X Vs $3000 Panasonic GH5 Professional Mirrorless Camera [Video Comparison] | Redmond Pie