New York’s NAB – An Amazing Launch for City-Producer in the USA

City-Producer’s launch in the USA has to be the most incredible launch I have been involved since I was January 1984 and launch of the Macintosh. (OK – the //c launch’s earthquake while at Moscone was pretty exciting, but the excitement had nothing to do with the product.) There was a lot of pizzazz and glitter back then. But I recall that the people who were excited and would then asked, “OK, what can I DO with it?”

That question never came up when someone stopped in front of our booth, looked at the roll up banner we had that detailed the seemingly endless features of the app. They asked just one question. “Can it really do all of that?”

After three minutes, the person who asked the question, would become repetitive — saying “Wow!” and “That’s amazing!” again and again. After another three minutes, they started to probe, “How can I do…?” And after another three, the questioner would start rattling off how many and where they could use City-Producer in their day to day. And when we finally used the last minute or two to show how to add the package that we just made together to a live stream on Facebook Live, there was no doubt that I’d hear that City-Producer is the most amazing app for the iPhone ever made. (Even convincing at least two people that they should get an iPhone and ditch their “droid.”

I found myself thinking back to my first encounter when Philippe Baudet demonstrated City-Producer to me at a diner after breakfast in Las Vegas just before the first day of NAB in Las Vegas. When I saw it, I knew – this is no ordinary app. This is a game changer. This is revolutionary. This is a disruptor. This app will open up the creative talents in a away that is almost equal to many of Edison’s Menlo Park inventions. I love being retired – but I love this even more.

We chose to launch City-Producer to the broadcast professionals who are already familiar with mobile journalism. What I learned again was that the human being is not limited to the boundaries that the developer has for a product. I was told about how City-Producer will be used in the corporate world, the world of training, the world of music, the world of athletics, the world of education, the world of market development, the world of sales, nearly every aspect of human creative activity.

There is nothing like working with a product that everyone wants when they see it.

Have a look at just a few of the pictures I was abe to take.

The booth minutes before the start of the show

Super interested in exactly how the application works.

Can we get you on video to tell the world about City-Producer?

Fool booth – everywone is excited.

Another two interested parties – “The only thing worth seeing at the show!”

More people who know what “in the field” means.


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