City-Producer in Action

City-Producer was released in September in Europe and in October in the Americas. Already, City-Producer is being used for in-field mobile journalism.

Below is a series of Tweets from OUEBTV in Guyana. The original Tweets are posted in French with the French, translated into English, by Bing.

What stands out is that the action shots are all shot using City-Producer’s built in camera stabilization. The reporter is not using a Gimbal, a grip or any other kit. The quality is astounding.

If you are familiar with City-Producer you will note that the graphics are all ARGB titles that were created external to City-Producer but are overlaid live while output. Note too that the videos were streamed live using City-Producer.

Traversée en pirogue d’une rive à l’autre vers Albina
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Published at 2017, November 18
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Passation de commandement de Chef du Centre du SDIS de Saint-Laurent du Maroni
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Passation de commandement du Chef de Centre du SDIS de Saint-Laurent du Maroni et remise d’insigne
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