City-Producer does that too!

Here is yet another super example of City-Producer in action, this time a French TV station where the reporter is doing a voice over using the app. It’s in French, but knowledge of French is not necessary to appreciate how proficient the user is after just a short time using City-Producer.


Les équipes de Wéo Picardie tournent et montent à l'Iphone 📱 Retrouvez le reportage sur la Banques Alimentaires de la Somme ce soir à 18h dans le JT ! #weopicardie #monweo

Posted by Wéo, la télé Hauts-de-France on Friday, November 24, 2017

City-Producer is everything that one needs to produce content for professional broadcast, in this case, a TV station, or social media. It is the only workflow that is comprehensive and integrated.

Stop forcing yourself to learn 10 different applications that one can do – and can do better than all the rest combined.

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