Tell the story!

From a recent article about filmaking :

“Will this become the norm for filmmakers? He (Soderbergh) shakes his head. “I don’t expect this to become a trend. You just have to be a certain kind of filmmaker. Look, part of the process as a filmmaker – and as a person – is the answer to the question: ‘What matters?’”

In his case, Soderbergh is less concerned about harnessing fancy equipment than he is about telling stories.”

The article is here:

I would say the same thing about mobile journalism, vloggers, social media gurus, et al.

Why, just why are so many people in this industry infatuated with buying as many different apps as possible, learning as many different apps as possible when they should be more concerned with telling the story. As if that isn’t hard enough!!! The fact of the matter is that one app, CTpro Mobile Video Suite is the one ecosystem that has everything you need to effectively and conveniently tell the story that you want. It kills me to think of the time people waste evaluating and learning all about apps and their features that they will never need or use. Tell the story!

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