Port to Android?

I’m often asked whether CTpro Mobile Video Suite will be ported to Android devices. The quick answer is, no.

I understand why people ask this question. It is usually because they are keen to optimize their investment in their current device. Unfortunately, the device they have may not be the most appropriate device for their intended use. I think the “right” question people should ask me is, “Are you familiar with any applications for Android devices that will make me as productive as this app will?”

While I am familiar with many apps for Android devices, I am not familiar with any apps for Android that will make the user as productive as CTpro Mobile Video Suite. It’s not that Android devices are “bad” devices, it is because there are so many different variations of them. Android developers cannot create a completely integrated and comprehensive app because they never know on which device their application will ultimately run. They cannot target the fastest, most powerful Android phone as the “platform” that most users will use because that might not be the one that has the largest number of owners. The software developer wants to develop an application that will make money so the developer needs to target either a device that has the largest installed user base, (and often times this is country specific) or the developer needs to guess which features will be the most useful for the general population. Rarely are the apps comprehensive. More often than not, they are part of a solution, a the solution that relies on several external apps to provide a complete solution.

With iPhones and iOS it is different. The platform’s development is under tight control. An app must adhere to the hardware/OS system’s manufacturer’s, i.e. Apple’s, specifications. Of course, there are differences with iPhones based on size, resolution, memory and price. But an app written for the most current iOS will run on all iPhones capable of running the latest iOS version. With this level of standardization comes the ability to create a more robust solution. This is why you can have an app such as CTpro Mobile Video Suite. Note that while there could be many more CTpro Mobile Video Suites, there aren’t. That’s because iOS developers want to write apps that appeal to the broadest user group. CTpro Mobile Video Suite is written for the mobile journalist or the professional in field content creator.

So do yourself a favor and don’t look at the hardware to “protect your investment.” Protect your investment by becoming more protective with the best tool. Don’t hammer in a nail with a spoon! Use the app that provides the absolute best solution for the task at hand. And remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using the Android phone as a phone while using the iOS device as your content creation solution.

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