Working alone or working together – CTpro’s got you covered.

There are those who work completely alone. There are those who never coordinate their activities with others, those who do not share artwork with others. Those who have no need to incorporate pre-recorded packages. Those who don’t work toward a deadline and never need to send a finished segment to be scheduled. There are those who never, ever depend on external input, expertise, suggestions or direction.

And then there are those who do.

I have written before about the features of CTpro Mobile Video Suite that allow the mobile content creator to shoot, edit and broadcast all from within one app. CTpro has an incredible built in camera, and unbelievable video and audio editing tools for the remote content creator.

But an application for the mobile journalist needs to also incorporate the ability to work with others. CTpro Mobile Video Suite is not just an integrated and comprehensive app for independently working in the field, it integrates with superbly with others whether they are in the field, in the editing suite or in the control room. The CTpro Mobile Video Suite mobile journalist is just as much a part of the team as the anchor.

Take artwork, for example. More often than not standardized graphics are used for overlays and special features. Use CTpro Mobile Video Suite to connect via Dropbox to a shared resource to download a previously created or just created static or interactive.

Need video just shot by a colleague at another location that you want to incorporate in your piece? Same thing, download it and transfer it onto your smartphone or you computer by connecting a Lightning cable or using Dropbox. If your colleague needs something that you have just shot and edited, send it via FTP or Dropbox without even leaving the application.

With CTpro Mobile Video Suite you can even transfer you project along with a Final Cut Pro X EDL to your Mac Desktop or put it onto a SanDisk iXpand Flashdrive to share with another iPhone or another Computer, even a Windows system.

With CTpro Mobile Video Suite you can work completely alone or you can work as a connected co-worker. CTpro Mobile Video Suite is the most versatile of mobile journalism applications because it works the way you need to work, when and however you need to work. All from within the same application.

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